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Company profile
The date of foundation; On November 05,1991
Company address; Heng Lang Industrial Park Da Lang Street Long Hua Bao An Zone Shen Zhen Guang Dong province,China
Plant area; 12000 square meters
Staff No; 600~700 persons
Management project; Hardware ramming components manufacture and importsand exports

Quality policy
Compliance environmental regulations
Reduce environmental pollution
Enhancing the use of regulations
Strengthen the management of green

Environmental policy
Technology lnnovation
Quality priority
Continues to improve

The Company Introduces
CO.,LTD. And strat to entering into production in October 1992. The factory was located in shangheng
lang indestry zone,longhua dalang street,baoan district,shenzhen. Factory was engaged in
producing the hardware stamp out components,according to the customer required shape,size to do
press processing,currently our main stamping out production project; Power source cabinet/engine
case,Computer peripheral components,Electronic hardware components,Extend the copper piece
of line,Baking varnish and printing etc. The number of annual shipments in punching; Source cabinet
reach 8 million; components parts are over 300 million pcs.

We take a rational,human management,good facilities,strict quality requirements and accurate
delivery to our customers are fully ensure,and we constantly strive to improve.Customer satisfaction
and to be trustworthy partners is always our goal. The product qualtiy and the delivery time of
instability will affect the customerĄ¯s production efficiency,Customers success or fail will direct effect
our benefit.To make our company foverever management and developed staedily,We continued to
phase the new techniques in.To improve all the deficiencies during production,To make sure protect
customer benefit and demand,we carefully and actively promote the ISO-9001,ISO-14001... and
other international certification standards to ensure that our product quality and green management,
And Promoted as an international factory.

Enterprise culture
Study hard,work hard
Modest attitude,civilized manners
Seeking truth from facts,dedicated
Total quality control,solidarity

Management idea
Take the customer demand as the core,take the market demand as the guidance,makes most has product of the global competition nature.

Business items
The power source cabinet/engine case,computer peripheral components,electron hardware components,various types platoon inserts sheet copper,baking varnish printing...

Manufacture department
Main production equipment
250 tons hydraulic presses
The two axle 200 tons match the electro-optical punch press
The single axle 200 tons match the electro-optical punch press
The two axle 160 tons match the electro-optical punch press
The single axle 160 tons match the electro-optical punch press
The two axle 200 tons match the electro-optical punch press
The single axle 110 tons match the electro-optical punch press
The single axle 80 tons match electro-optical
The single axle 60 tons match electro-optical
The single axle 40 tons match electro-optical
The single axle 35 tons match electro-optical
The single axle 25 tons match electro-optical
Single axle 100 ton foot pedal punch presses
Single axle 15 ton foot pedal punch presses
60 tons match the hoop feeder belt electro-optic punch press
40 tons match the hoop feeder punch press
35 tons high speed machine match the hoop feeder punch press
80 tons match the NC feeder belt electro-optic punch press
60 tons match the NC feeder belt electro-optic punch press
45 ton Dragon Gate machine matches clamps the type feeder punch press
40 tons high speed machine match the hoop feeder punch press
25 tons high speed machine match the hoop feeder punch press

The double axle 200 tons Photoelectric punching machine
1.It can be Auto-oriented balance. It can use two sets of mould to work at the same time,which can enhance production over 50%

2.The mold can exactly locate the depth. It will stop working when there are singularity. With the electro-optical infrared safety device,it can ensure the security. It is with NC automatic feeder.

Clamps Feeder
1.It is suitable to the high speed processing and demand for high accuracy feeding to press product. The highest is up to 1200 times per minutes to feeding.
2.It won,t cause any noise in the operational site. It is silence when machinery transport.
3.There is not any mark on the material surface. It can make plating material to the end product in perfect,such as aluminum alloy,stainless steel,copper and iron.
4. all adjustments adopt the scoring type. It is easy operation and with nice stability. Any person can easily operate it.
5. the fuselage is one formation,which can avoid resonating from pressing.

Second processing production equipment
Laser spot welding machine
reserve energy spot welding machine
Pneumatic spot welding machine
AC spot welder
Automatic multi-axis drilling machine
Automatic Tapping Machine
Manual Tapping Machine
Automatic Drawing Machine
Small drillpress
Patent riveting machine
Small hand punch

Mold development equipment
CNC Slow wire cutting machine
CNC Express Line Cutting Machine
Vertical Machining Center Machine
Pore EDM
Hydraulic big grinder
radial drilling machine
Desktop drill
Hand surface grinder
Milling Machine

Quickly move X/Y axis 24m/min.Z axis 20 m/min,18 m/min
Principal axis drives by tooth style strap. It doesnĄ¯t slid,which can reduce the noise and heat.
The principal axis is precision porcelain axis,which can provide 10000Rrpm~12000rpm.

Hydraulic big grinder

1. Spindle and worktable use oil hydraulic control,It is more stable than general electric grinder.
2. Working platform can make exactitude within 0.03mm or which ensure the precision molds.

Radial drilling machine
1. Machine adopts hydraulic variable-speed,pre-selection spindle box,rocker,column by hydraulic clamping.
2. It can use reaming mining,drilling,hole cutter Tapping,Boring,rigidity,which is with the davantage of high precision and good rigidity.

1.The entire computerization control,the accuracy guarantees in 0.005mm~0.01mm.
2.Has the constant temperature cold hydraulic engine,may the water temperature control in 20~24 degrees,guarantee that treats shears accuracy.
3.Also the installment pure water filter plant,guaranteed that the water quality is fine.

Quality Security

Quality assurance testing equipment
X fluorescence spectrometer
Micro-hardness testing machine
Second optical projector
Salt spray test machine
Plug power tester
150-160mm vernier caliper
0-25mm micrometers
0-300mm height gauge
angle gauge
Athread gage
needle gauge
block gauge
thickness piece
R7~14.5 calliper gauge
screw gauge
90,wide angle Block Block (160*100)
Magnifying glass
Spring balance
Electric screwdriver
Chatham-mode cell Miriam zoned
tinning furnace
Miriam thickness
Dial indicator
Balance Scale
Granite platform

Vickers hardness tester
Precision:HV 0.1o
High-power video display
Test material thickness 0.2mm~UP
The smallest unit of measurement:0.01um
Size/Weight:365WX535DX500H/3(Error 7KG)

Two optics projecting camera
Matches several optics ruler scale division to 0.001mm
Precision; 0.01mm/0.01o

Salt spray test machine

meet the test requirement for Antioxidant on the surface of product

Plug power tester
The scope of the largest test;300N(30kgf)
The smallest Calibration;2N

Shimadzu spectrometer

environmental temperature;10~30oC
environmental humidity ;40~70%
Professional testing can be used for a wide elemental analysis.
ROHS intelligent detection software,simple operation.

Baking Department

The baking varnish department has the complete equipment instrument;
Liquid spraying line
Powder coating line
Processing line
silk-screen line
Hardness tester
Lights colorimeter
Miriam thickness
Pad Printers
100 grid knife

XISHENG,in the past 20 years,with the spirit of honest and service,Constantly enrich themselves,breakthrough themselves and grow up. They consider customer position and demands,provide the best and satisfied service to customers.
Sincerely expect your trust to struggle together and create refulgence in the battlefield of commercial economy




EMI protection
Ferrosilicon chip coil
Electronic hardware components

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